Mr. Swards Automotive Class

Instructor: Mr. Kyle Sward • 859-744-1250 • 2748 Boonesboro Rd, Winchester KY, 40391

Maintenance & Light Repair

Section D


Online Learning Modules

Shop Work

1 Complete Shop Safety Module Rack Training, Shop Orientation
2 Electrical Unit 1 Quiz 1
Electrical Unit 1 Quiz 2
83. Perform starter current draw test; determine necessary action.
84. Perform starter circuit voltage drop tests; determine necessary action.
3 Electrical Unit 1 Quiz 3
Electrical Unit 2 Quiz 1
82. Inspect and test starter relays and solenoids; determine necessary action.
85. Remove and install starter in a vehicle.
4 Electrical Unit 3 Quiz 1
Electrical Unit 4 Quiz 1
81. Inspect and test switches, connectors, and wires of starter control circuits; determine necessary action.
87. Perform charging system output test; determine necessary action.
5 Electrical Unit 5 Quiz 1
Electrical Unit 5 Quiz 2
86. Inspect, adjust, or replace generator (alternator) drive belts; check pulleys and tensioners for wear; check pulley and belt alignment.
89. Remove, inspect, and re-install generator (alternator).
6 Electrical Final 88. Perform charging circuit voltage drop tests; determine necessary action.
90. Inspect interior and exterior lamps and sockets including headlights and auxiliary lights (fog lights/driving lights); replace as needed.
7 HVAC Unit 1 Quiz 1
HVAC Unit 1 Quiz 2
91. Aim headlights.
92. Identify system voltage and safety precautions associated with high-intensity discharge headlights.
8 HVAC Unit 1 Quiz 3
HVAC Unit 1 Quiz 4
98. Disable and enable airbag system for vehicle service; verify indicator lamp operation.
9 HVAC Unit 2 Quiz 1 96. Remove and reinstall door panel.
97. Describe the operation of keyless entry/remote-start systems.
10 HVAC Unit 3 Quiz 1 94. Verify operation of instrument panel gauges and warning/indicator lights; reset maintenance indicators.
95. Verify windshield wiper and washer operation; replace wiper blades.
11 HVAC Unit Quiz 2 100. Inspect and replace A/C compressor drive belts, pulleys, and tensioners; determine necessary action.
105. Identify hybrid vehicle A/C system electrical circuits and the service/safety precautions.
12 HVAC Final 101. Inspect A/C condenser for airflow restrictions; determine necessary action.
102. Inspect engine cooling and heater systems hoses; perform necessary action.
103. Inspect A/C-heater ducts, doors, hoses, cabin filters, and outlets; perform necessary action.
104. Identify the source of A/C system odors.
13 Engine Performance Unit 1 Quiz 1 43. Perform engine absolute (vacuum/boost) manifold pressure tests; determine necessary action.
44-45. Perform cylinder power balance test; determine necessary action.
46-47. Perform cylinder cranking and running compression tests; determine necessary action.
14 Engine Performance Unit 1 Quiz 2 49. Perform cylinder leakage test; determine necessary action.
50. Verify engine operating temperature.
107. Remove and replace spark plugs; inspect secondary ignition components for wear and damage.
15 Engine Performance Unit 2 Quiz 1 114. Retrieve and record diagnostic trouble codes, OBD monitor status, and freeze frame data; clear codes when applicable.
113. Describe the importance of operating all OBD II monitors for repair verification.
16 Engine Performance Unit 3 Quiz 1 108. Replace fuel filter(s).
30,109. Inspect, service, or replace air filters, filter housings, and intake duct work.
34. Inspect integrity of the exhaust manifold, exhaust pipes, muffler(s), catalytic converter(s), resonator(s), tail pipe(s), and heat shields; determine necessary action.
17 Engine Performance Final 34. Inspect condition of exhaust system hangers, brackets, clamps, and heat shields; repair or replace as needed.
29. Check and refill diesel exhaust fluid (DEF).
110. Inspect, test, and service positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) filter/breather cap, valve, tubes, orifices, and hoses; perform necessary action.
18 Class Final, Clean Classroom Shop Final, Clean Shop